Sydney Gay Toilelts, Washrooms

  • Jordan Road Toilet

    Jordan Road , Sydney

    It is packed -- literally -- any time of day. Filled with a variety of people. s.
    Crowd: All ages. Beware of old guys during the day, but any time is awesome.

    rating of Jordan Road Toilet
  • Carlingford Court Shopping Centre Level 1 Toilets

    Carlingford Rd , Sydney

    Got some hot action here with some young guys after uni. A few gym guys from the Fitness First on Level 3 (which also goes off heaps!).
    Crowd: All guys, students, old guys, staff, asians.

    rating of Carlingford Court Shopping Centre Level 1 Toilets
  • World Square Toilets

    George St , Sydney

    Crowd: All sorts, especially suites & students.

    rating of World Square Toilets
  • Padstow washrooms-public toilets

    Padstow Pde , Sydney

    It's kind of an old toilet complex. You know, cracked tiles, cobwebs, cigarette butts everywhere, but it is very private and if anyone is coming you can hear them and you get a good reflection as to w ...

    rating of Padstow  washrooms-public toilets
  • UNSW business Quadrangle 1st level Toilets

    Next to Randwick race course , Sydney

    These 2nd story toilets in the left hand corner of the building are down a long small, dark hallway at the very end which makes them very cruisy as most straight guys just go to the bottom level toile ...

    rating of UNSW business Quadrangle 1st level Toilets
  • Public Toilets near Coles

    Thompsons Corner , Sydney

    One of the best (if not THE best) spot I know. If I go there 5 days in a week I'll get action at least 3 days after waiting maybe 20 minutes. I've , been and been lots of times.
    Crowd: A mixed bu ...

    rating of Public Toilets near Coles
  • Formosa Street Drummoyne Public Toilet

    Formosa Street , Sydney

    Two cubicles that face each other with dividing wall high enough to perv under or squat and have your . Guys stand and at (4 ) cruising or pretend to wait for a cubicle while rubbing their crotch t ...

    rating of Formosa Street Drummoyne Public Toilet
  • The Galeries Victoria - Toilets

    Cnr George & Park Streets , Sydney

    Peepholes between toilet cubicles and action at the urinals.
    Crowd: Mixed crowd

    rating of The Galeries Victoria - Toilets
  • Carslaw Mens Toilets

    Sydney Uni, Carslaw building, level 1 , Sydney

    I love this beat. It's convenient for students, and is always being frequented by newbies and bi-curious guys. Some good straight , and regulars. Have fun! No security!
    Crowd: Students, young !

    rating of Carslaw Men's Toilets
  • Barratt St toilet

    Barratt Street (opposite Centrelink) , Sydney

    Three cubilcles with small doors you can look over as well as under. that stands three to four. Men stand at cruising or in cubicle waiting. You can usually hear when someone is about to enter toile ...

    rating of Barratt St toilet