Titusville Gay Cruising Areas

  • Playalinda Beach

    , Titusville

    Fine, big dicks of all colors and races and sizes. Also women and bi couples are there. Make eye contact. Or walk in the dunes or woods and hook up. The sheriff department is not allowed to harass the ...

    rating of Playalinda Beach
  • Tom Statham Park

    7101 South U.S. Hwy 1 , Titusville

    Two s with peep holes. If you want to blow, go to the with the toilet, sit and wait. If you want a blow job, go to the and start jerking. Been there 5 times, everytime I go I start jerking and notic ...

    rating of Tom Statham Park
  • Garden St Boat Ramp

    Garden St , Titusville

    There is a nice gloryhole and peep holes. You can get off there just about every time unless you are picky like me!

    rating of Garden St Boat Ramp
  • Hammock Trails

    , Titusville

    The trails are very secluded and easy to get off trail and find a private spot. Got a good BJ on the bench just passed the R/R tracks.
    I have always scored well there from BJ's to getting layed.

    rating of Hammock Trails
  • Walgreens

    4600 S Washington Ave , Titusville

    It is a store, so customers can walk in or at least about a locked door. Workers do not check on unless there is a problem.
    Crowd: Customers, Employees.

    rating of Walgreens
  • Canaveral Marshes Conservation Area

    , Titusville

    This is not as yet a crusing spot but like Hammock Trails, it is private spot with lots of trails. Unlike Hammock trails, it is not patrolled, provides much more open space (4400 acres of trails, open ...

    rating of Canaveral Marshes Conservation Area
  • Kennedy Point Park

    , Titusville

    Very clean restrooms, no patrols, lots of traffic and lots of hot times.
    Crowd: All of the fisherman and boat launch boys, and many business and local boys having lunch in the adjacent park, lots o ...

    rating of Kennedy Point Park
  • Rotary Club Park

    , Titusville

    Crowd: Mostly older guys(50+) but I've seen a few younger guys too!

    rating of Rotary Club Park
  • Space View Park

    8 Broad Street, Titusville , Titusville

    Crowd: All ages, fisherman and such.

    rating of Space View Park