West Hollywood Gay Cruising Areas

  • Beverly Connection - Ground Mens Room

    La Cienega Blvd, Just South of Beverly, West Hollywood

    Fantastic BJs from the regulars and nearby construction guys.
    Crowd: West Hollywood hunks. All types.

    rating of Beverly Connection - Ground Mens Room

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  • Sunset La Cienega Along Side Of Petersen Building Steps Leading Down To Parking Lot

    , West Hollywood

    unset & La Cienega, Along Side Of Petersen Building... next to Garage Entrance "G1". (Steps Leading Down To Parking Lot) This stairway is known as "The Blow Job Steps". Guys hang out there and get blo ...

    rating of Sunset & La Cienega, Along Side Of Petersen Building (Steps Leading Down To Parking Lot)

    2033 Votes

  • La Jolla Av Sta Monica-Melrose

    , West Hollywood

    ruisers in cars hang out behind the Gold Coast bar all night (and all day, actually), in the parking lot. Hustlers work this area, as well as the length of La Jolla Ave, which cruisers drive up and do ...

    rating of La Jolla Av (Sta Monica-Melrose)

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  • 8000 Sunset Blvd Business Complex

    8000 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood

    hen you enter the complex on foot, head up the stairs/escalator and turn left to walk towards the general public bathrooms. Just wait and see. There's always activity there!
    Crowd: Latinos, gym mem ...

    rating of 8000 Sunset Blvd Business Complex

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  • Ralphs Grocery Store

    Sunset at Poinsettia, West Hollywood

    Two stalls with one peep hole to watch the busy . I think most of the cruisy.
    Crowd: Tons of hunks from Hollywood apartments nearby and from West Hollywood.

    rating of Ralph's Grocery Store

    2591 Votes

  • Pacific Design Center PDC

    8687 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood

    ditor says: 'Beware! Three guys were arrested for lewd conduct here, between July and September. Undercover cops will insinuate to you and then arrest you...'

    One of the best places left in Los ...

    rating of Pacific Design Center (PDC)

    2198 Votes

  • Bloomingdales

    Beverly Center 3rd floor, West Hollywood

    nd dump a load go to the beverly center bloomingdales 3rd floor mens room two doors so you can hear people coming in first you can see out to the mirror to see what they look like also floor has a gl ...

    rating of Bloomingdales

    1360 Votes

  • West Hollywood Target

    7100 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 201, West Hollywood

    lmost every time I go there, there's one or more gay boys who are extra-casually wandering the aisles, trying to look like they're there to buy something, but they aren't! However, while I've always n ...

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  • Grease pan Alley

    8222 melrose Ave, West Hollywood

    Crowd: nasty dudes. I have my office right there on the corner and I love getting plowed right there on the roof, while guys cruise by and watch.

    rating of Grease pan Alley

    1572 Votes

  • Pavilions

    Sta Monica/Robertson, West Hollywood

    Pavilions is, a very large supermarket at the west end of the Santa Monica Boulevard strip of gay bars and eating places.
    Crowd: A lot of cruising, and alot of boys trying to pick each other up.

    rating of Pavilions

    1501 Votes