Barcelona Gay Bars Clubs

  • La Chapelle

    Calle Mutaner 67 , Barcelona

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  • Arena Sala Classic

    Calle Diputació 233 , Barcelona

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  • El Cantina del Col-lectiu

    Passatge Valeri Serra 23 , Barcelona

    Also headquarters of the Col-lectiu Gai de Barcelona. M UniversidadFree bimonthly gay magazine . c/o CGB, Ptge.

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  • Arena Sala Madre

    Calle Balmes 32 , Barcelona

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  • Aire Sala Diana

    Calle Valencia 236 , Barcelona

    Aire - Sala Diana is one of Barcelona's most popular lesbian night clubs. Here you can enjoy a drink and dance to the best hits of the 70, 80, 90 and the latest music from the pop charts

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  • Fetish Men-Quizs

    Calle Diputació 161 , Barcelona

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  • La Base

    Calle Casanova 201 , Barcelona

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  • Kiut

    Calle Consell de Cent 280 , Barcelona

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  • Dacksy

    Calle Consell de Cent 247 , Barcelona

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  • Strass

    Calle Consell de Cent 245 , Barcelona

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