Barcelona Gay Bars Clubs

  • Tatu

    C/. Cayo Celio, 7 , Barcelona

    TATU is a spacious bar in Barcelona with two rooms and nine meters high, which does not feel the usual strain of confined spaces and low ceilings. In the small room can have a drink quieter in the big ...

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  • Salvation

    Ronda Sant Pere, 19-21 , Barcelona

    This disco and cruise bar offers regular strip and drag shows. Its darkroom has and lots of action.
    Crowd: All ages, many younger.. Salvation parties in over 40 different countries around the worl ...

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  • Metro

    C/. Sepulveda, 185 , Barcelona

    This dance club has two dance floors. It has regular strip and drag shows, and folk dancing on one floor Saturday at 2am. It showing darkroom is active throughout the night.
    Crowd: All ages.

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  • Martins 130

    Passeig de Gracia, 130 , Barcelona

    This late night disco and cruise bar has a darkroom showing . Activity most nights, busiest on weekends. Be aware that some of the action is for hire.
    Crowd: All ages, some leather/denim and some r ...

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  • Topxi

    Calle Valencia 358 , Barcelona

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  • New Chaps

    Av. Diagonal 365 , Barcelona

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  • Espai-Magic

    C/. Sant Marc, 18-20 , Barcelona

    cruiser update 5/13/2009:The sauna has been "modernised" & it is not much use for anymore with large glass walls. BUt a lot of cute guys still go to work out at the gym

    previous comment: This ...

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  • Eagle

    Passeig de Sant Joan, 152 , Barcelona

    Hard night on every 3rd Friday of each month.
    Crowd: Leather & S&M

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  • Museum

    Calle Sepulveda 178 , Barcelona

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  • Bacon Bear Bar

    Calle Casanova 64 , Barcelona

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