Boston Gay Cruising Areas

  • Fens Fenway Victory Gardens

    , Boston

    Crowd: Mostly trolls but you do get some hot closeted men once in awhile.

    rating of Fens (Fenway Victory Gardens)
  • Carson Beach

    , Boston

    Parking lots (2) where guys go to hang out and some straight couples go to .
    Crowd: Gay guys, bi guys and straight couples.

    rating of Carson Beach
  • Boston T- Subway

    , Boston

    Looking for some on the way to work, going home from work, after shopping or after the club? For all you guys who are riders on the subway, it is becoming a huge trend to ride the last car, known as ...

    rating of Boston T- Subway
  • St James Street

    , Boston

    DO NOT GET OFF IN THE CAR! These guys will show you where to go. Most guys are very . If you like spanking, bring a strap, there is a kid named Joel who like a bare-assed spanking over your lap in the ...

    rating of St. James Street
  • Hyatt Regency Boston formerly Swissotel Third Floor Lobby

    1 Avenue de Lafayette , Boston

    Urinals and stalls well hidden from folks entering. Lots of time to straighten up. Have seen as many as 10 people going at it at once. People in stalls don't lock the doors.
    Crowd: Lots of business ...

    rating of Hyatt Regency Boston (formerly Swissotel) Third Floor Lobby
  • University of Massachusetts Boston Healy Library

    Mourressey Blvd, University of Massachusetts , Boston

    on the 5th floor, the hadicapped .
    Crowd: Undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and librarians. Once in a while, someone from the cleaning staff.

    rating of University of Massachusetts Boston Healy Library
  • Longwood Galleria

    400 Brookline Avenue , Boston

    This bathroom is getting hotter and hotter. Lots of really hot young guys, and lots of hot sucking.
    Crowd: Lots of hot doctors from the nearby medical center. Lots of really hot guys.

    rating of Longwood Galleria
  • Alewife T-Station

    , Boston

    This is a hot spot for a quicky at lunchtime. Lots of young, business types who are eager to get off before going back to their desk job.
    Crowd: College guys and businessmen.

    rating of Alewife T-Station
  • Macys Boston

    450 Washington Street (Downtown Crossing) , Boston

    Lots of traffic at lunch, so mostly just some mutual jack off. More quiet after work (aroud 7 pm) and possible to get off under under the .
    Crowd: At lunch lots of guys in suits.

    rating of Macy's Boston
  • Boston Public Library Copley

    700 Boylston Street, Copley Square , Boston

    This is an OK place for the occasional . The bathrooms are just past the security officer's desk, though, so be careful.
    Crowd: students, librarians, hot guys off the street.

    rating of Boston Public Library (Copley)