Boston Gay Cruising Areas

  • Arnold Arboretum

    , Boston

    Nice when leaves are out for privacy otherwise it usually happens early evening sometimes morning.
    Crowd: Married men, students, contractors.

    rating of Arnold Arboretum
  • Charles River Esplanade

    , Boston

    Crowd: I've seen younger hunky young guys, older guys, a mix.

    rating of Charles River Esplanade
  • Fanueil Hall Marketplace

    1 S. Market Street , Boston

    Crowd: Everyone. Tourists, locals, young and old.

    rating of Fanueil Hall Marketplace
  • Park Plaza Hotel

    64 Arlington Street , Boston

    There are 2 doors to get into the bathroom, so you have time to pull yourself together before the second door opens.
    Crowd: Lots of different guys during school year, lots of students.

    rating of Park Plaza Hotel
  • Boston University Liberal Arts Building

    Commonwealth Ave (basement of Liberal Arts College) , Boston

    Was there twice around 3pm during the school year and found a guy both times. students between classes :)
    Crowd: BU students.

    rating of Boston University Liberal Arts Building
  • Dodge Hall

    Northeastern University , Boston

    Lots of college guys, even a few professors in here. Whenever I've been looking for it, never had a problem getting any here...lots of hot college guys, all looking for action in the stalls.
    Crowd: ...

    rating of Dodge Hall
  • Northeastern U - Ell

    Huntington Ave , Boston

    Stalls and urinals busy. Can move on to more private areas after hooking up.
    Crowd: Wide variety and interesting.

    rating of Northeastern U - Ell
  • Back Bay Station

    AMTRAK side , Boston

    Quite a filthy place, but good enough for a pick-up. Pretty heavily patroled by AMTRAK police and state police troopers (and yes, they DO arrest people and lead them away in hadcuffs!) But, having sai ...

    rating of Back Bay Station
  • 125 High Street

    125 High St. Lobby behind Rebecca's Cafe , Boston

    Editor says: 'Hey, has any of you ever been there? Could you tell us more about this place? Listen, we're and waiting!'
    Crowd: Lots of business suits and young professionals. Lots of closeted and ...

    rating of 125 High Street
  • Columbus Park near tennis courts

    , Boston

    This is a good place. Also directly behind the Carson Street bathouse on the beach, as well as the benches from the beach, all the way down to the gazebo behind the bayside expo center. In the evening ...

    rating of Columbus Park near tennis courts