Diversey Harbor


Is This Your Business?

2 stalls and 1 next to miniature golf stand and driving range.
Crowd: All ages and types.

Who's Coming

All ages and types.

Take Lake Shore Drive to Fullerton Ave. exit. Head north on Cannon Drive to Diversey. Head east on Diversey to pay parking lot. Restroom is on north side of parking lot.
Cross street: Diversey Ave. and N. Cannon Dr.
  • Crowd:All ages and types.
  • Hours:Lunch time and early evenings.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Stick your through the hole or wait for someone to stick their through the hole. If you're in the handicap booth, you're looking to get . If you're in the other you're looking to .
    Cruisiest Spots: There are two s and between them is a large gloryhole big enough for action.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:Yes
  • Warnings:The 3 dollar parking fee for the lot.
    Warnings: Door is often left open so you need to listen to hear people coming in.
whos coming to Diversey Harbor
  • Planning on swinging by here tonight, around 7:30. Hope to see some of your boys there too.

    Commented on 6/12/2009 7:31:04 AM

  • I plan to run by on Thursday..will try to be there at 6:00pm..went by today at 5:45 but all was quiet..

    Commented on 6/9/2009 10:08:01 AM

  • Anyone interested in hooking up here on THURSDAY?? I should be around and could meet like at 6 pm.

    Commented on 6/9/2009 5:54:13 AM

  • This place is hot. The GH is perfect for messing around. I'm surprised this place dies down after 9. That's the perfect time for playing (after the park clears out)

    Commented on 6/9/2009 2:18:53 AM

  • Anyone want to meet up here on Monday the 8th?? Let me know, it's a really HOT SPOT and I am wanting to take several loads and give mine in return. Hope to get this place going!!

    Commented on 6/7/2009 8:40:12 AM

  • blowboy lets do it. how about Monday night

    Commented on 5/30/2009 1:14:59 AM

  • I would like to meet some guys here sometime...was there tonight (Friday) but was really dead. This place has great potential. Let me know if someone wants to meet here. The best time for me is usually after 5 pm during the week. Let's make this place a HOT SPOT!

    Commented on 5/29/2009 9:39:38 AM

  • is ther gloryhole still there? what about the restroom by the theater on the lake. that was hot before!!!!!!!

    Commented on 5/18/2009 4:02:29 AM