Chicago Gay Gyms

  • Fairmont Hotel Fitness Center

    200 North Colombus Drive , Chicago

    Cruisy gym at the hotel.

    rating of Fairmont Hotel Fitness Center
  • LA fitness

    5559 S Kedzie Ave , Chicago

    Lockeroom, showers are very cruisy. When you see someone showing walking around naked that usually an indicator that they’re looking.

    rating of LA fitness
  • LA Fitness

    2828 NORTH CLARK STREET , Chicago

    This is not a normal gym but there is a good amount of cruising that happens. Discretion is key. Most of the action happens in the showers, locker room, or the sauna. A membership to the gym is requir ...

    rating of LA Fitness
  • Midtown Athletic Club

    2444 N Elston Ave , Chicago

    An upscale members only gym, resort, and spa (open to public for services) that can be hot from time to time. The men's locker room is nice, has a large steam room that can be private when steamy an ...

    rating of Midtown Athletic Club
  • East Bank Club

    500 North Kingsbury Street , Chicago

    Upscale health club with large steam room and private sleeping rooms.

    rating of East Bank Club
  • Lakeview YMCA

    3333 N Marshfield Avenue , Chicago

    Cruisy gym with a mixture of guys. The sauna has a lot of action in the evening. The showers are a great place to play too.

    rating of Lakeview YMCA
  • Fitness Formula Club

    3228 North Halsted Street , Chicago

    This place is very cruisy. I can usually find someone to jack off or blow after my workout. Over all it's pretty safe and clean. Sometimes the staff is in the changing area or restroom but they are ne ...

    rating of Fitness Formula Club
  • LA Fitness

    55 E Randolph St , Chicago

    This is primarily a regular gym that happens to be very cruisy, so use discretion. If somebody is clearly not interested, then don't bother them. Shower/sauna/locker room is where the action is at. Gy ...

    rating of LA Fitness
  • LA Fitness Lawrence Ave Chicago

    1804 W Lawrence Ave. , Chicago

    Is not a gay location. Discretion is required. Mostly a place to show off since showers have curtains that are transparent from neck up. Sauna door has a full-length window. Membership required.

    rating of LA Fitness Lawrence Ave Chicago
  • Quads Gym

    North Broadway 3727 , Chicago


    rating of Quads Gym