Horner Park Fieldhouse Restroom


Montrose and California

Is This Your Business?

Restrooms located between Irving Park Rd and Montrose on California. Open seasonally. Restroom has peep holes to the urinals and gloryhole to the .

Neighbourhood: Albany Park

It's located half way between Irving Park Road and Montrose on California.
  • Hours:Best hours are evenings and weekends when there are events at the park.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Show off and show hard and then move it out to another location or if it's dead play right there.
  • Nudity / Policy:No nudity
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / yes
  • Warnings:No doors on the s but doesn't get that much activity. I usually move the garbage can in front of .
whos coming to Horner Park Fieldhouse Restroom
  • Has anyone else gotten off here - what is the best time to go - anyone wanna meet up sometime?

    Commented on 4/9/2008 5:48:22 AM