Houston Gay Bookstores Sex Shops Theatres

  • Adult DVD - Montrose CLOSED

    240 Westheimer , Houston

    This place is a dump. This is for the guys who like to wallow in degrading circumstances. There are 12 booths in a brightly lit corridor. Some of the booth doors are broken off their hinges, some boot ...

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  • Smoochees -- Open 24 HRS Video

    3333 W. I-10. Next door to I-10 XXX Bookstore , Houston

    Two story building, smoke shop stuff downstairs and video stuff upstairs. There are 20 booths that take quarters, no charge to enter arcade area. The booths look clean, have padded seats, did not see ...

    rating of Smoochee's -- Open 24 HRS Video
  • New Adult DVD Downtown

    2003 Clay St , Houston

    cruiser Adds: This place was recently remodeled. It now has an arcade and theater. $7.00 to enter both.
    New place -- great for exhibitionists. The "theater" costs $5 and it is a series of interconn ...

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  • 24 Hour News Video East

    between Normandy and Federal rd on ih 10 east , Houston

    brand new store very clean friendly staff. crowd is small but building. clean restroom
    Crowd: mix whit e hispanic, asian

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  • X M C Video formerly Videde Arcade Gessner Hempstead

    14626 Hempstead Hwy Houston TX 77040 , Houston

    typical adult bookstore video arcade with 20 multi-channel video cabins $7 cover very clean, nice restroom, great cruising. buzzer announces new customers, plently of recovery time,nudity after midnig ...

    rating of X M C Video (formerly Videde Arcade Gessner & Hempstead)
  • Excellence Video

    9999 Gulf Freeway , Houston

    large video arcade with at least 30 booths. Very clean and modern.
    Crowd: Latinos, whites, some blacks.

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  • Off Road Video

    Hwy 249 Tomball Pkwy , Houston

    Lots of action

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  • Pinemont Newsstand

    7700 Pinemont , Houston

    cruiser adds: No group rooms. Haven't had them for years!

    Big+ You can buy a combo ticket for theater AND arcade for $10 and go back and forth between the two.

    Decent videos with fiv ...

    rating of Pinemont Newsstand
  • BJs 24 hour news

    6314 Gulf Freeway , Houston

    Has 11 booths and a large movie theater. Pay $7 for both booths and theater, the booths do not require coins. The booths are small and each shows only 3 films. But they are usually good. The area is v ...

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  • Adult Video-DVD

    1600 Clarewood , Houston

    Crowd: All types, mostly Latino and Black. A few mid to young white males looking for a good to .

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