Houston Gay Toilelts, Washrooms

  • Home Depot

    6800 Highway 6 North , Houston

    This restroom has been remodeled. No more peep holes and no glory hole. Gaps in the doors were covered with metal pieces to block checking people out in the stalls.

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  • Joanns fabrics and crafts

    15520 Farm to Market Rd 529 , Houston

    Clean bathrooms with no worry of being caught

    rating of Joann's fabrics and crafts
  • Mercer botanical garden

    22306 Aldine Westfield Rd , Houston

    This location is across the street from the library its a good place to hook up.

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  • Rice University Duncan Hall

    Loop Road , Houston

    a First floor restroom has 4 stalls - lighting is low, which is great for understall. Single entry door, but a wall partition gives you time to recover. All in all, great set up!Facilities: It's at ...

    rating of Rice University Duncan Hall
  • Hyatt Regency Houston

    1200 Louisiana Street , Houston

    The restroom's set-up provides for very safe activity. Outer door opens into long hallway. Urinals and stalls have a good view of each other, but new arrivals must turn several corners before reaching ...

    rating of Hyatt Regency Houston
  • Willowbrook Mall

    2000 Willowbrook Drive , Houston

    The restroom in the foodcourt has 4 stalls, one handicap. The sinks are right in front of the stalls and are easy to see from inside the stall. If you make eye contract, start jerkin and they guy will ...

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