Las Vegas Gay Bookstores Sex Shops Theatres

  • Rancho Adult Video

    4820 N. Rancho Dr , Las Vegas

    Crowd: Str8, married guys, construction workers.

    rating of Rancho Adult Video
  • Adult Superstore Spring Mountain

    3226 Spring Mountain Rd , Las Vegas

    It is pretty clean but a little on the older side
    Crowd: Everyone, From hot young guys to married men.

    rating of Adult Superstore (Spring Mountain)
  • Fantasy World

    6760 Boulder Hiway near Henderson , Las Vegas

    Theater divided into two parts. Lots of hot to . 24 hours a day. They have plastic chairs, that you can move around and get positioned just where you need to be.
    Crowd: Everyone!

    rating of Fantasy World
  • Adult World Arcade-Mini Theatres

    3781 Meade Ave. , Las Vegas

    A large shop all on one side of the building, with an arcade and mini theatre on the other side. Have not been in the theatre, as I never seem to get past the arcade. There's plenty of action there, ...

    rating of Adult World Arcade-Mini Theatres
  • Wild Js Adult Bookstore

    2923 S. Industrial , Las Vegas

    Crowd: this place is not frequented by young guys, it's mainly old white asian and latinos with a few crack heads tossed in. video cams can veiw most booths from above as well.

    rating of Wild J's Adult Bookstore
  • Adult Superstore Downtown

    601 S. Main St , Las Vegas

    Got into great guy/girl with guy and his wife a couple times. Other hot stuff going on there, going back in April. Hope to see you there. 12/16/04 A cruiser reports: Always something going on. Not to ...

    rating of Adult Superstore Downtown
  • Peep Land formerly Pharoah Films

    2424 Western Avenue , Las Vegas

    There are light switches in each booth. If you look out the booth window, and see someone you like, flick your light. If they're looking for action, they'll come in.
    Crowd: Locals and visitors; Cou ...

    rating of Peep Land (formerly Pharoah Films)
  • Adult Super Store Tropicana

    3850 Tropicana Ave , Las Vegas

    Eight bucks and I had about 3 men all over me. I had one guy all to myself. I was upset about something my first night and I ended up in the theatre, cheering myself up. Before I knew it, someone was ...

    rating of Adult Super Store Tropicana
  • Desert Books

    4350 Las Vegas Blvd. N. , Las Vegas

    cruiser update 6/9/2008: They have added wider seats in the booths and they easily hold 2 now.Little/no sound and volume controls don't work in video booths.
    Crowd: Straight types looking for blow ...

    rating of Desert Books