Manchester Gay Cruising Areas

  • Wythenshaw Park

    Wythenshaw/Northenden , Manchester

    Crowd: All sorts. Scallys, work people, straight guys.

    rating of Wythenshaw Park
  • Openshaw Cottage

    , Manchester

    1 Cubilcle with spy hole in door and 3 stand ups - Old fashioned cottage.
    Crowd: Young lads - Scallies - Skool bois - Older guys - Suits and workers.

    rating of Openshaw Cottage
  • Asda

    Asda Hulme , Manchester

    Crowd: Every type of guy - very gay area so lots of gay boys go.

    rating of Asda
  • Sackville Park

    , Manchester

    Well, it's a park, and it's busy as the bars start to close. It's been dead for a while- but now it's getting busier again. It's amazing how many barstaff stop off on their way home! ;-D
    Crowd: All ...

    rating of Sackville Park
  • Heaton Park Prestwich

    Bury Old Road, Prestwich. , Manchester

    Fantastic Cubicles some are quite large.
    Crowd: Suits, Business Types, Scallies, Tracksuits, Young, Older Gents.

    rating of Heaton Park, Prestwich.
  • The Forum

    Just off Simonsway. , Manchester

    There are 6 urinals, three of them you can see people in the mirror.
    Crowd: Young lads, but some old pervs.

    rating of The Forum.
  • Shudehill Bus Station

    Shudehill, Manchester City Centre , Manchester

    There is a charge of 20p but it's worth it, no security. It's run but the gmpte.
    Crowd: All Types.

    rating of Shudehill Bus Station
  • Lonsight next to the Library

    Stockport Road (A6). , Manchester

    Crowd: Students, anyone thats passing and wants a quick blow-job.

    rating of Lonsight, next to the Library.
  • Eccles Cottage

    Behind Wilkinsons, on the Disabled Car Park. , Manchester

    Crowd: Scallies, schoolboys, suits and pensioners.

    rating of Eccles Cottage.
  • Littlewoods Index

    Arndale Centre , Manchester

    Can also pull at the urinals if cubicals r busy.
    Crowd: All sorts. The usual pensioners, students, suits, scallies, workies.

    rating of Littlewoods Index