Melbourne Gay Cruising Areas

  • Galatea Point

    , Melbourne

    On the right night, I have encountered full on orgies, but with the council closing the circuit road to cars (only bicycles)it has become a bit quieter. Still has busy periods btwn 5-6pm.
    Crowd: Al ...

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  • Yarra Bend Park

    , Melbourne

    Guys cruise around in cars and park next to other cars and drivers. Hook up in cars, in the toilets or in the bush. There are numerous areas along the creek behind bushes where you will soon be led. L ...

    rating of Yarra Bend Park
  • Surrey Park

    , Melbourne

    Around the lake there are a lot of dark spots, bushes and trees etc.
    Crowd: I've found older guys (over 30) usually, but had a few young guys too.

    rating of Surrey Park.
  • Point Ormond Reserve

    , Melbourne

    Crowd: Diverse mix. Lots of young wait for guys in the bushes. I've never have to wait more than 5 minutes at night.

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  • Berwick Showgrounds Akoona Park

    , Melbourne

    One and trough. Guys just come in and start wanking, you can open the door ajar to perve on them. A couple of peep holes to see whos outside at the trough and so they can see in. Fairly quiet.
    Cro ...

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  • Glen Huntly Park

    Neerim Road , Melbourne

    Crowd: All types.

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  • Darling Park

    Basil St or Stanley Grose Dr. , Melbourne

    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Darling Park
  • Yarraville Gardens

    Cnr Somerville and Whitehall Rds , Melbourne

    Crowd: Older, Married occasional younger guy.

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  • RW Fell Reserve

    Grimshaw Street , Melbourne

    Small single toilet block with door that locks. It's the only one in the park.
    Crowd: Local Guys.

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  • Bennettswood Sporting Ground

    Burwood Hwy, next to Deakin , Melbourne

    It's a small red brick toilet with one cubicle and a .
    Crowd: Mostly deakin uni boys, u get the occasional old man though too.

    rating of Bennettswood Sporting Ground