Melbourne Gay Toilelts, Washrooms

  • St Albans Public Toilet

    St. Albans Road , Melbourne

    Small public toilet with two cubicles and one .
    Crowd: A broad mix - Asians, Europeans, old, young.

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  • Table Rock Toilet Block

    Between Sparks Street & Rennison Street off Beach Rd , Melbourne

    A nice out of the way place that isn't a cess pit.
    Crowd: Cyclists, joggers - young to Fiftyish

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  • Church at Swan St Public Toilets

    Near the carpark opposite the pub , Melbourne

    There is one and one cubical. It is very quiet and hardly anyone goes there. And if they do its just for a quick . Never seen any security. The cubicle is roomy. It's really the ideal place.
    Crowd ...

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  • Albert Park Kiosk Toilets

    Past the Albert Park swim center on left turn off going towards St. Kilda , Melbourne

    Has two toilet cubicles, with warning if people enter. Lots of room under cubicle walls for etc.

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  • Prahran Central Toilets

    Commercial Rd , Melbourne

    I have been to this place several times and everytime the person in the next cubicle has been . Great lighting so can see shadows on the floor in the next cubicle. This place is great
    Crowd: Mixed

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  • Euston Rd toilet

    Car park behind shops , Melbourne

    Crowd: Mixed crowd

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  • Bentleigh Library Toilet

    Jasper Rd , Melbourne

    Crowd: All types

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  • Ringwood Market Toilets

    Ringwood Market , Melbourne

    This beat has been in action for a long time but has only recently been 'discovered' again by a whole new buch of men.
    Crowd: All types, tradies, suits guy and old guys and some of the local office ...

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  • Brunswick Park Toilet

    Victoria Street , Melbourne

    A small toilet with one cubicle and one trough. Goes off from morning to night. Some guys who want privacy move into the Disabled toilet next door once they pair up. Evenings and nights the trees alon ...

    rating of Brunswick Park Toilet
  • Narren Warren Toilets

    Next to the New Aquatic Centre , Melbourne

    One of the best toilets I have seen, s have now been covered. Just needs more guys to turn up. It may pick up now because of the warm weather and the opening of the new Aquatic Centre.

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