29 2nd Avenue


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Located on 2nd Avenue between 1st and 2nd Street. Right between two bars, one straight and the other gay. There is a red rooster, , sign hanging above. No other sign description.

Adult features

Nudity, Dark Room,

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No membership required

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2nd Ave-Houston St (F, V) Uptown Bleecker St-Lafayette St (6) Downtown Bleecker St-Lafayette St (6, B, D, F, V)
  • The club is pretty dark and dank. Smells of poppers feels the room. Bathrooms and near the bar is off-limits for hooking up. Rest of the club is free range. Gets pretty crowded after 1am and the bars closes at 4am. Public , and anal, is overlooked until the lights come on for closing the bar and sometimes for police raids, fair warning is given so no arrest and it keep this place from shutting down. Drug-use is discourage and you will be kicked out. Keep your wallet in your front pocket to avoid pickpocketing. Also don't wear anything that you don't want to get dirty. Men of all race, age and type here to have fun.
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