New York Gay Bathhouses Saunas

  • West Side Club

    W 20th Street 27 , New York

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  • East Side Club Inc

    East 56th Street 227 , New York

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  • Apollo Mens Day Spa

    36 West 34th Street 4th Floor , New York

    Apollo Men's Spa is a day spa for gay men. There are several massage therapist that offer private massages, hot tube massages, and shower massages. The therapist offer their services in the nude. The ...

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  • Spadium

    49 W. 32nd St. , New York

    A spa with separate facilities for men and women. They offer body scrubs and massages. Men's area includes steam room and sauna, hot tub and cold pool.

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  • Chelsea Lounge

    11 W 36 Street , Between 5th and 6th Ave , 4 Floor, Bell 4 , New York

    A 2500 sq feet playground fully loaded ,many rooms, 2 bathrooms, lockers ,showers,free munchies and sodas, lots of playrooms,lounge cinema area, dark rooms.
    Crowd: All types from average joes to mo ...

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  • Ultimate Release Party

    344 West 38th Street (but the party is being held at 11 w 36 st , 4th floor, bell # 4 while the old , New York

    Lots of cruising and lots of action; cool owners. Unlike anyplace else I've been in NY. Too bad it's only Sundays.
    Crowd: It's a big loft with lots of room and nooks and crannies. Hot guys.

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  • The Loft

    344 w 38 st between 8th and 9th avenue, 5th floor ,buzzer 501.Any train to 34 st in manhattan, 1,9,2 , New York

    It's a huge, beautiful loft playground with 3 batrooms and lockers. The staff is nice and crowd was great (atittude free).
    This place has many different rooms and dark rooms and great music in ever ...

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  • InterContinental Hotel

    111 East 48th St , New York, NY 10017-1297 , New York

    This is a small, quaint location, but the suana/steamroom/shower area is discreet and private with plenty of warning due to the glass door separating this area from the locker area. Only 2 showers tha ...

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  • Les Hommes

    217B West 80th Street at Broadway, second floor , New York

    After $10 admission and through the turnstile it is up to you to make contact and go into a booth.
    Crowd: Eclectic crowd: preppies, older, gym-types, trolls, etc.

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  • GCN Studio formerly Studio 28

    122 W29th Street 3rd floor , New York

    club, very raw.
    You got to either get naked, or keep underwear or top.
    Very diversified crowd from yound to older men.
    Crowd: Pigs, voyeurs, orgy enthousiasts.

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