Les Hommes


217B West 80th Street at Broadway, second floor


Is This Your Business?

After $10 admission and through the turnstile it is up to you to make contact and go into a booth.
Crowd: Eclectic crowd: preppies, older, gym-types, trolls, etc.

Neighbourhood: UWS

Who's Coming

Eclectic crowd

1 train to 79th street
Cross street: Broadway
  • Crowd:Eclectic crowd: preppies, older, gym-types, trolls, etc.
  • Directions:1 train to 79th street
    Cross street: Broadway
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Go into a booth and leave the door open. Wait for someone to walk by and motion for them to join you.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Only three of the booths have playing in them. The rest have exercise videos playing.
    Warnings: Very sporadic patrolling by employee.
whos coming to Les Hommes
  • I have never been here, but it's in my neighborhood, so I am going to check it out tonight (5/9). I have posted an ad on craiglist that I will be a willing bottom if others want to join me. I have heard that this place is usually more "miss" than "hit", but I got a bunch of responses, so it looks like there might be some action around 6 or 7pm! Join me!

    Commented on 5/9/2009 5:24:26 AM

  • Anyone willing to check this place out on Saturday evening?

    Commented on 2/23/2009 1:16:19 AM

  • Les Hommes will never be what it once was. Don't even waste your money visiting the place.

    Commented on 9/16/2008 12:03:13 PM

  • Went back to Les Hommes Sunday night before Labor Day. It was awful, really bad. It will be a long time before I go back again. Too bad, as the setup is pretty good here. Just the same old regulars all the time.

    Commented on 9/3/2008 10:40:41 AM

  • Haven't been to Les Hommes in years, so I decided to check it out Saturday 7/26. I have to say it was very clean despite being old and run-down. But then again, this was early afternoon before it got busy. Actually it never got busy - I decided to make a day of it and stayed until 10 pm. Some of the guys are the same ones who are always there, which you know can really ruin a place when they congregate and chit-chat like it's their private club. So - some things never change - it's a good set-up with private booths but not enough traffic for you to hook up with anyone decent.

    Commented on 7/27/2008 12:21:28 PM

  • id like to try this place if its still open

    Commented on 6/30/2008 12:30:57 PM

  • Has anyone been there lately?

    Commented on 6/29/2008 12:51:45 PM

  • Les Hommes is not closed. It's still very hit and miss but it remains the only place to pay and play on the uws.

    Commented on 3/17/2007 5:23:09 AM

  • That's too bad. While the place wasn't the greatest, it was still a place to go in the area. The closing may have been more of a real estate thing than anything else, similar to the Ann St. store.

    Commented on 2/24/2007 11:32:20 AM