Algonquin Hotel


59 West 44th Street


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Discover an oasis of calm amid the hustle and bustle of New York City. The Algonquin Hotel is steeped in tradition and surrounded by modern significance. Situated just steps from the neon lights of Times Square, this legendary Midtown Manhattan New York hotel has played host to literary giants and international luminaries for more than a century. From its fabled Round Table to the renowned Oak Room, The Algonquin has earned the right to be called a true New York landmark. Enjoy the ultimate New York City travel experience with our Midtown Manhattan hotel deals and remarkable location.

From the days of Douglas Fairbanks and John Barrymore, sophisticated, international travelers have appreciated the style and grace of our boutique hotel in Midtown Manhattan, New York. Uncover the plush surroundings, contemporary colors and rich fabrics of our newly-renovated guestrooms and suites, following a spectacular recent transformation. Sip a coffee in our lobby lounge and watch a parade of who's-who stroll by. Perhaps they're on their way to a pre-theater tail in the Blue Room. Or maybe they just want to be seen in a truly luxurious Midtown Manhattan New York hotel.

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