Hampton Inn Manhattan-SoHo


54 Watts Street


Is This Your Business?

Put your best foot forward, and come for a visit at the Hampton Inn® hotel in Manhattan-SoHo, NY. While our neighborhood used to be known for factories and warehouses, today the area around our hotel in New York is renowned as New York's capital of cool. You'll find art galleries, upscale restaurants, contemporary museums and intimate cafés galore within just a few blocks.
While you're here, you'll be just a short walk from some of New York's most popular spots. Enjoy a bowl of pasta cooked perfectly al dente in Little Italy. Or head to Chinatown for a dinner you'll never forget. The shops and celebrities of Tribeca are just a short walk. Greenwich Village's twisting streets and unique hangouts are nearby, too. So come check into the Hampton Inn hotel in Manhattan-SoHo, right in the heart of hip.

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