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  • Upper Big Tujunga

    Cruising Areas

    Secluded canyon area with approximately 1/4 mile hike down to it. Trail is very visible and easy to follow coming up is semi strenuous if not ready f

  • Ross Dress for Less Store Restroom

    Cruising Areas

    This Store restroom is very discreet and therefore perfect for urinal cruising or under stall encounters. If you are playing under stall there is enou


    Cruising Areas

    Sears Restroom near the Pick up door!!!! ive seen a couple of guys hanging around there!!!!

  • Vista Point

    Cruising Areas

    Freeway Rest Area, just parking, NO Restrooms, just memorial placqes/signs. Gets very windy!
    Crowd: All kinds:truckers, commuters alot!