Philadelphia Gay Cruising Areas

  • Lloyd Hall

    Boathouse Row , Philadelphia

    Bathrooms in Lloyd hall, part of Fairmount Park at Boathouse Row. Lloyd Hall is the first building at the corner of Aquarium Drive and Kelly Drive.

    rating of Lloyd Hall
  • Thomas Jefferson University

    925 Chestnut , Philadelphia

    Very private room, knee high stalls 2 doors to enter room make it easy to get composer if someone enters.

    rating of Thomas Jefferson University
  • I-95 Rest Stop

    , Philadelphia

    First rest area on 95 North entering PA.

    rating of I-95 Rest Stop
  • 1818 Market Street Parking garage

    1818 Market Street , Philadelphia

    Late night i have recieved several blow jobs and have witnessed guys recieving and having behind the big parking pillars. It is a great spot also during the day if you want to get some action in you ...

    rating of 1818 Market Street Parking garage
  • Philadelphia Airport Marriott

    One Arrivals Road , Philadelphia

    Inside 1st floor of Marriott Hotel Quiet Location. Not in Main Lobby Area. It is actually for the Conference Room Area.

    cruiser adds: The Bathrooms are outside of the Conference Rooms. They are ...

    rating of Philadelphia Airport Marriott
  • Boat ramp at Quacker City Yacht Club

    , Philadelphia

    1 boat ramp in a park with about 25 parking spaces, very discreet.
    Crowd: Fantasy Island late comers.

    rating of Boat ramp at Quacker City Yacht Club
  • University of Pennsylvania Goddard Laboratory Mens Washrooms

    3710 Hamilton Walk , Philadelphia

    Small bathroom with one adjacent to the one . When you walk in through the main door, there is an additional door that can be closed but not locked.
    Crowd: University of Pennsylvania students, UP ...

    rating of University of Pennsylvania, Goddard Laboratory, Mens Washrooms
  • SpinCycle Coin Laundry

    2435 South 24 St, Phila, PA 19148 , Philadelphia

    Its a big Coin Laundy.
    Crowd: All types of people doing Laundry. Lots of hot guys washing undies. It's a good place if you need an excuse to get out of the house. Why not volunteer to do the laundr ...

    rating of SpinCycle Coin Laundry
  • Manayunk Towpath

    Main Street and Green Lane , Philadelphia

    The Towpath is a walking/running area behind all the buildings in Manayunk. Under the Green Lane bridge seems to be the cruisiest spot. Plenty of places to go to have some fun!
    Crowd: All ages.

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  • Suburban Station

    17th & JFK , Philadelphia

    Crowd: Business guys; college guys; some homeless and other derelicts.

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