Philadelphia Gay Cruising Areas

  • Front South Street

    , Philadelphia

    Crowd: locals, cute gay guys walking their dogs

    rating of Front & South Street
  • Church St Park

    , Philadelphia

    Cobblestone street/alley with benches near 2nd street. There's also an alley across 2nd street, if you want to hang back and see if anyone's around. Look for the one-leg-up-on-the-bench "signal". Sorr ...

    rating of Church St Park
  • Acres

    , Philadelphia

    Crusiy park area.
    Crowd: Mixed crowd. Blacks, whites, old and young.

    rating of Acres
  • Frankford Transportation Center SEPTA

    4200 Frankford Ave (Bridge & Pratt) , Philadelphia

    Crowd: Every drunk NE Philly boy & man***br***who doesn't drive home. Many homeless and addicts as well.

    rating of Frankford Transportation Center (SEPTA)
  • Wissinoming Park

    , Philadelphia

    Crowd: Various age, color, etc. all guys.

    rating of Wissinoming Park
  • Burholme Park

    , Philadelphia

    Crowd: All kinds.

    rating of Burholme Park
  • Superfresh parkinglot

    , Philadelphia

    Crowd: Truck drivers.

    rating of Superfresh parkinglot
  • Lindbergh Blvd down by John Heinz Wildlife Refuge

    Lindbergh Blvd and 86th Street , Philadelphia

    Nice stone vehicle path. Dynamite boardwalk.
    City to the North, airport to the South.
    Benches overlooking the water.
    Crowd: Straight guys, college guys, jocks who wanna dump a load on the sly ...

    rating of Lindbergh Blvd down by John Heinz Wildlife Refuge
  • Vernon Park

    , Philadelphia

    Crowd: Straight guys looking to get off, hustler, and your regular cruisers

    rating of Vernon Park
  • Hunting Park

    , Philadelphia

    It's a park. Again, I have seen and ing go on. Watched two fine guys, one black and one hispanic getting it on. The black guy dicked the hispanic guy down. Then watched on another night a black guy ...

    rating of Hunting Park