Phoenix Gay Cruising Areas

  • Biltmore Fashion Park Macys

    2410 E Camelback Rd. , Phoenix

    Have a good time. Lot's of hot men and some that aren't all that hot. Plenty of time to pull things together if someone walks in.
    Crowd: Married Guys, Closeted Guys, Men between 18 and 40 -- the oc ...

    rating of Biltmore Fashion Park Macy's
  • Sycamore Creek

    , Phoenix

    Sycamore Creek has several natural pools used for skinny-dipping. The area attracts mostly men and has a strong gay presence. Crowds can range from just a feww or zero during the week to twenty on pea ...

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  • Maricopa Medical Center

    Cross streets 24th Street & Roosevelt , Phoenix

    Lots of Latinos, mostly uncut, men go there visiting or other, seems like there were attempts on making a hole, but looks like it's been closed off.. But there is a peephole, and well if you there, an ...

    rating of Maricopa Medical Center
  • Paradise Valley Park

    , Phoenix

    The entire area is very secluded. This was a big, big cruising area about 10 years ago. Young to old arrive. Very secluded, great for getting totally naked. Right after dark or if meeting someone, wal ...

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  • Paradise Valley Mall Dillards

    4568 East Cactus Road , Phoenix

    Very secluded, double door entry with three stalls. You can hear someone coming with ample time to get up. No s. Somone should make one.
    Weekday afternoons the best. Weekends can be too busy.
    Cr ...

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  • Cave Creek Jomax

    , Phoenix

    Crowd: All kinds.

    rating of Cave Creek & Jomax
  • Esplanade

    2300 E. Camelback Road , Phoenix

    The toilet has three stalls which offer some view of each other. Busiest at noon and after 5pm. Very spotty in between.
    Crowd: Business types.

    rating of Esplanade
  • Wal-Mart Phoenix

    1703 W. Bethany Home Rd. , Phoenix

    It's just your typical tearoom! I've gotten lucky with just about all types of guys there from older businessmen to a 18 year old twink I got to take home. The varied from handjobs/blowjobs under the ...

    rating of Wal-Mart, Phoenix
  • Airlane Rd N of runway

    Air Lane Road , Phoenix

    Go to the East end of paking area and step on your brake lights to let others know you're 'up' for it.
    Crowd: Gay, str8, bi, all kinds of people 'park' there to have . It's real dark there.

    rating of Airlane Rd, N. of runway
  • Biltmore Fashion Park Saks

    2470 East Camelback Road , Phoenix

    This place is made for cruising. Other than the fact that it's very active, all the vertical surfaces are mirrored, so you can see all over the place. Hang around by the if it's not busy, or wash you ...

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