Rochester Gay Bookstores Sex Shops Theatres

  • Lyell Video News

    1338 Lyell Ave , Rochester

    I have to thank xxxtheaterbig for most of the info in this listing:

    Inside Lyell Video is a "Membership Lounge", towards the back of the store is a somewhat homemade mini-theater. The rest of t ...

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  • Show World on Mt Read Driving Park

    Mt. Read & Driving Park , Rochester

    This store has a very large and nice layout. Plenty of parking. When you first walk in, there are lingerie and outfits on the right side of the store. The toys and novelties in the middle and Videos ...

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  • State Street Books

    109 State Street , Rochester

    Videos, magazines, toys, arcade with about 10 booths. "Motor" gay bar next door, so you could cruise back and forth. $2 minimum tokens.

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  • Monroe ShowWorld

    585 Monroe Avenue , Rochester

    The theater is gone, the booths are gone, but it's still a landmark that should be visited by cruisers from across NY. I had the good fortune to visit a few times when they still played dirty movies i ...

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  • Show World

    1167 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road (Rt 232) , Rochester

    I gave it a "high" rating because mgt is very polite/ they leave you alone and, because, there is no other book store in the Rochester area that is as hassle free. No one nagging you for quarters, no ...

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