Seattle Gay Cruising Areas

  • Steve Cox Memorial Park

    12th ave SW , Seattle

    A park where mans of all ages come to visit. It can be at night or in the daytime. They have a nice restroom for private sessions. or you can go across the field under the shelter for a little action ...

    rating of Steve Cox Memorial Park
  • Renton Community Recreation Center

    1715 SE Maple Valley Road , Seattle

    This restroom is located at the southeast area of the playing fields. There are several small buildings in the area. The restrooms are in the second building. Plenty of parking and at the very conveni ...

    rating of Renton Community Recreation Center
  • Northgate Barnes Noble

    401 NE Northgate Way , Seattle

    Restroom on the second floor of the Barnes & Noble.

    rating of Northgate Barnes & Noble
  • Ballard Fred Meyers

    915 NW 45th St , Seattle

    Located in the front of the store.

    rating of Ballard Fred Meyers
  • 2nd and Broad

    2815 2nd Ave , Seattle

    Vacant on the 4th floor, the s are far off the ground providing for great sucking. Handicap is big enough for two to play and not be seen if someone comes in. Plenty of warning if someone does come i ...

    rating of 2nd and Broad
  • Kubota Garden

    , Seattle

    Crowd: Young boys, college boys, older men, muscle and jock boys.

    rating of Kubota Garden
  • Warren G Magnuson Park

    , Seattle

    Big underdeveloped waterfront park that used to be a military base.
    Crowd: Suburban married guys, Latino working guys, college guys.

    rating of Warren G. Magnuson Park
  • Seattle Art Museum

    100 University Avenue , Seattle

    Security is very lax and it can be pretty dead. Hopefully as word gets out, more tea room cruisers will start hitting this place. Convenient, free, clean.
    Crowd: Across the board; tea room clientel ...

    rating of Seattle Art Museum
  • Seola Greenbelt

    , Seattle

    This park is a small greenbelt, and can be accessed from the main entrance. It is a small park in a good neighborhood. Once inside the park look for several trails that lead off into the greenbelt whe ...

    rating of Seola Greenbelt
  • Bellevue Fred Meyer

    , Seattle

    Store security has been patroling the restrooms, but they rarely get out to the parking lot.
    Crowd: Straight and married guys looking to dump a load, quick and easy, no questions asked.

    rating of Bellevue Fred Meyer