Seattle Gay Cruising Areas

  • Ravenna Park

    , Seattle

    rating of Ravenna Park
  • Fishermens Terminal Bathroom

    1900 West Nickerson Street , Seattle

    This is a pretty quiet bathroom provided for fishermen. I've scored twice here in the last month.
    Crowd: I've met fishermen, blue collar types and businessmen.

    rating of Fishermen's Terminal Bathroom
  • Hogue Building - basement mens room

    2nd Avenue (corner of 2nd and Cherry) , Seattle

    Cruisy men's room, quiet in the afternoon, with a and perfect for showing and playing.
    Crowd: Business men, delivery guys and workers from the neighborhood.

    rating of Hogue Building - basement men's room
  • Broadway Performance Hall Bathroom Second Floor

    1625 Broadway Seattle WA 98122 , Seattle

    This is a mens room with only one and two urinals, but 3 or 4 guys can get it on easily.
    Crowd: College students, twinks, jocks, cap hill homos.

    rating of Broadway Performance Hall Bathroom Second Floor
  • Golden Gardens

    , Seattle

    Crowd: This is a family and public place, so be respectful of that. A good cross section of Seattle comes here. Have fun, enjoy the view.

    rating of Golden Gardens
  • Savery Hall

    University Of Washington Campus. , Seattle

    Great spot to meet with guys. Plenty of warning. The stalls in the basement bathroom have holes drilled in the walls so you can watch each other .
    Crowd: Students, mid-30's guys, guys looking to cr ...

    rating of Savery Hall
  • Cornish Perfomance Hall

    , Seattle

    Crowd: All kinds; students, business men, trans., hoods, skaters, and construction workers.

    rating of Cornish Perfomance Hall.
  • Seward Park

    5902 Lake Washington Blvd. S , Seattle

    Trails in the woods, around the back and sides of the amphitheater are often fruitful. Also, trail skirting abandon fish hachery has seen action. As well as the nob overlooking the main parking lot, a ...

    rating of Seward Park
  • Northgate Executive Center

    across the street from the northgate transit center and parking lot , Seattle

    two urinals and two stalls.
    Crowd: business men, young guys

    rating of Northgate Executive Center
  • Kmart

    13200 Aurora Ave N , Seattle

    Very Quite and plenty of warning if someone walks in

    rating of Kmart