Sydney Gay Cruising Areas

  • Form Pool

    Cnr Levy Walk & Defries Ave , Sydney

    Crowd: Lots of people, couples and straight boys who have been out partying and are just in pool wearing very little. Lots of gay boys and hotties with great bodies.

    rating of Form Pool
  • The Galeries Victoria

    500 George Street. Sydney City , Sydney

    Small and out of the way, two doors so you can hear people coming and going.
    Crowd: All types, mainly business people working in the city.

    rating of The Galeries Victoria
  • Sydney Central Building Food Court

    477 Pitt Street , Sydney

    Small washroom with double doors for warning.
    Crowd: All sorts, some gym types, business men and lots of passing trade.

    rating of Sydney Central Building Food Court
  • Cutting Reserve

    , Sydney

    It is a relatively large park, more of a bushwalk track, that extends from Riverwood to Padstow Height, there are few areas that are bushy. Really dark at night, since there is only one source of ligh ...

    rating of Cutting Reserve
  • Seaforth Oval

    Wakehurst Parkway , Sydney

    Trails and there are plenty of openings in the bush.
    Crowd: Mixed ages.

    rating of Seaforth Oval
  • Peters Of Kensington the big pink building

    57 Anzac Parade , Sydney

    Crowd: Gay boys, young and old.

    rating of Peter's Of Kensington (the big pink building)
  • Pavillion Plaza

    580 George Street , Sydney

    Crowd: Mixed, a few young guys, a few trolls but mostly in the middle. Lots of asians.

    rating of Pavillion Plaza
  • Park in Waverley

    , Sydney

    Crowd: All sorts. Young and old.

    rating of Park in Waverley
  • Tom Uglys Bridge

    Under Tom Ugly's Bridge Sylvania end. , Sydney

    Small toliet block, quiet and roomy.

    rating of Tom Ugly's Bridge
  • Lt Cantello Reseve

    , Sydney

    Large park on the edge of scrub. Dunny block and trails into the bushes.
    Crowd: Mix of guys - locals, tradie types.

    rating of Lt Cantello Reseve