Toronto Gay Cruising Areas

  • Stanley Park

    Two blocks west of Bathurst and King (downtown) , Toronto

    Peep holes between stalls perfect for J.O. action. During lunch you get your scattered businessman or young boy looking for some action. No security. Good spot, unfortunately not many know about it.

    rating of Stanley Park
  • Primrose Hotel

    Jarvis/Carlton , Toronto

    Ceilings have mirrored tiles. Go into a and wait for someone to go to the next . Look up to see if he's watching you or doing more. Take it from there. Double doors, so you can hear if anyone is comi ...

    rating of Primrose Hotel
  • Toronto Reference Library Basement

    789 Yonge Street , Toronto

    It is just stalls, but if you find the right guy, a lot can happen.
    Crowd: All

    rating of Toronto Reference Library Basement
  • University of Toronto Trinity Larkin Building

    Devonshire Place , Toronto

    This washroom is in the basement locker room. When you come in the doors of the locker room its at the back. There are about 8 stalls & 4 urinals & 2 showers.< ...

    rating of University of Toronto Trinity Larkin Building
  • Woodside Square

    Finch & McCowan , Toronto

    The urinals are pretty close together because of the size. Most of the people look at it but are too afraid to start.
    Crowd: Students, seniors, Asians, Asians, Asians... ***br***

    rating of Woodside Square
  • Earnest T Seaton Park-Sunnybrook

    NW corner of Leslie & Eglinton , Toronto

    Very large handicap , easy to strip down and enjoy. Remember, it's very safe: no security, rarely maintenance. Hot, straight guy, 12 inches, very nice cruise all over you, usually after 4...very nice. ...

    rating of Earnest T Seaton Park-Sunnybrook
  • 20 Eglinton Avenue West

    20 Eglinton Avenue West, 11th Floor , Toronto

    There are 2 urinals and 2 stalls. Always try to make conversation or make some sort of gesture to catch attention of a younger guy.
    Crowd: Accountants, techies, actors (once a spotting). ***br***

    rating of 20 Eglinton Avenue West
  • Brookfield Place-BCE Place

    Wellington Street West , Toronto

    The bathroom has 2 stalls (one's a handicapped) and 4 urinals with no walls to separate, so it's easy to check out who's in there for play.
    Crowd: Suits, young, old, all types.

    rating of Brookfield Place-BCE Place
  • Scarborough Town Centre Sears Second Floor

    401 and McCowan , Toronto

    The stalls have large cracks. I suggest that if you find someone, go somewhere else to have fun (since it's a public washroom).
    Crowd: Anyone

    rating of Scarborough Town Centre, Sears, Second Floor
  • The Bay Bloor-Yonge

    Yonge and Bloor , Toronto

    This afternoon I was at the Bay at Bloor and Yonge (basement washroom). I've never had such a hot time. There were ' 6 hot college-studs in there, going at it at one point. I've never so much . The g ...

    rating of The Bay (Bloor-Yonge)