Toronto Gay Cruising Areas

  • Home Depot Gerrard St E

    1000 Gerrard Str. E , Toronto

    Double door entrance across from 2 regular height urinals, with a kiddie height one on the left. The bank of urinals is flanked by two stalls.
    Crowd: Burly construction worker types. Rough tough bl ...

    rating of Home Depot, Gerrard St E
  • Sunnyside Parking Lot

    , Toronto

    Crowd: Lots of marrieds, but all types.

    rating of Sunnyside Parking Lot
  • Hazelton Lanes Mall

    87 Avenue Road, between Avenue rd and Hazelton av. , Toronto

    The mall has at least 6 washrooms in different levels. This mall is full of visitors and employees (gays), so it is so easy to hook up.

    rating of Hazelton Lanes Mall
  • The Beltline at Oriole Park

    The corner of Oriole Park and Chaplin Crescent , Toronto

    This is a tree covered jogging trail - used to be a train track - and is very secluded and becoming quite popular (there a ton of apartments near by and some very hot and young guys go down and get d ...

    rating of The Beltline at Oriole Park
  • Monarch Park

    115 Felstead Ave. , Toronto

    Not a big park like High Park or Riverdale and not as small like a parkette.
    Crowd: Young and old.

    rating of Monarch Park
  • Kennedy Subway Mens Washroom

    Between the Bus terminal and the subway levels , Toronto

    rating of Kennedy Subway Mens Washroom
  • Christie Pits Park

    , Toronto

    Picture update 9/16/2008:
    1st picture is the entrance
    2nd picture is looking down from North Hill
    3rd picture is one of the trails into the trees
    4th East Hill
    5th west Hill and Trails< ...

    rating of Christie Pits Park
  • Curtis Lecture Hall 3rd Floor west end washrooms

    , Toronto

    There are washrooms on the east and west end of the third floor, but the west end entrance has a warning.
    Crowd: Students looking to get off.

    rating of Curtis Lecture Hall 3rd Floor (west end washrooms).
  • Eaton Centre Food Courts

    Eaton Centre Queen street sub-level food court , Toronto

    Older style of facilities, in a large open area with a bank of sinks perpendicular to the row of urinals. A doorway area adjacent to the sinks, and behind the urinals houses the long row of stalls.

    rating of Eaton Centre, Food Courts
  • Sears - Lower Level

    Sears - Eaton Centre , Toronto

    New location of the Mens washroom is now in the old smaller womans washroom (see new pics below). Only two urinals but two discreet tucked around the corner behind a wall behind the hand dryer. The t ...

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