Charlotte Gay Cruising Areas

  • Sheffield Park-Evergreen Nature Trail

    Entrance near Greenbrook and Tarrington ave , Charlotte

    This is an Mecklenburg county Audibon Nature trail. There are several miles of secluded wooded trails. Action is HOT in the afternoon and early evening. Park at the entrance on Tarrington Ave, walk ac ...

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  • The Charlotte Marriott SouthPark Hotel formerly the Park Hotel

    2200 Rexford Road , Charlotte

    This is the main bathroom on the lower level of the hotel. You go through the main entrance, and before you get to the check-in desk on the right, you go left down the hall and the bathrooms are immed ...

    rating of The Charlotte Marriott SouthPark Hotel, formerly the Park Hotel
  • The Home Depot

    , Charlotte

    Men's Restrooms near the Lumber Dept. It's a public bathroom so it's accessible by all.

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  • Woodward Building - UNC Charlotte

    9201 University City Blvd. , Charlotte

    Sit in the last (there are only two s) and wait for a signal. There's lots of action and peepholes to watch..
    Crowd: Hot college guys.

    rating of Woodward Building - UNC Charlotte
  • Joseph Beths Bookstore SouthPark Mall

    4400 Sharon Rd , Charlotte

    Sit in the last , tap foot or start jacking off for under action.
    Crowd: Mixed ages; young guys and middle aged guys.

    rating of Joseph & Beth's Bookstore, SouthPark Mall
  • Nevin Park

    6000 Statesville Road , Charlotte

    Nevin park is a newer park with lots of space, ball parks and trails. The large size and many wooded spots provide good pivate areas. Families stay in the water pavillion area most of the day.
    Crow ...

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  • Methodist Home Park

    3200 Shamrock Drive , Charlotte

    This place is huge, it has basketball courts, soccer fields, playgrounds, bike and skate rink.. plenty of places to be naughty as long as no one else is around.
    Crowd: Blacks, latinos, whites, ever ...

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  • The White Rabbit

    920 Central Avenue. , Charlotte

    Gay and Lesbian themed bookstore. NOT AN ADULT BOOKSTORE!
    Crowd: All ages.

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  • Kirklands Home

    Carolina Pavilion , Charlotte

    Crowd: younger Guys

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  • Atkins Library - UNC Charlotte

    9201 University City Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28223 , Charlotte

    The UNCC campus is mainly accessible to people who are supposed to be on the campus. Visitors have to pay for parking and your journey may not be lucrative, so it is not suggested. The University has ...

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