Houston Gay Bookstores Sex Shops Theatres

  • Pleasure Video

    2039 Magnum (Magnum Center), Houston

    It is a little shop has about 20 or so booths, only cost $$5 admission to arcade area with about 16 private video rooms showing 16 channels of

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  • Adult Megaplexxx - Galleria

    5909 Richmond, Houston

    ruiser update 3/3/2008: Here's an updated photo of the main entrance on the side of the building. (Pic 1 - orange building)

    cruiser update 1/3/2008: Location moved four buildings to the west, a ...

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  • Gaslight Video

    3519 W. Holcombe, Houston

    bout 20 rooms, each showing a specific movie. Gay and straight movies are mixed up so one area doesn't show just one or the other. Lots of men around, all ages and types. Most booths have a bench and ...

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  • Golden Triangle 30 - Two Story Video

    5202 Telephone Rd., Houston

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  • 24 Hr News Video Westheimer

    12911 Westheimer & Ashford Oaks, Houston

    ruiser update 8/11/08: I was there yesterday afternoon for a lil while. Right around 2:15, there were LITERALLY a dozen men in the theater...The only problem was that most of them were seemingly too n ...

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  • Talk of the Town

    4121 North Frwy (I-45), Houston

    Crowd: All sorts - black,white,latino, a good mix.

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  • Normandy Video

    North side of I-10 East on Feeder rd. between Greens bayou and Normandy St., Houston

    Crowd: All types: white collar, blue collar, commuters, Interstate travelers, truckers, refinery workers construction types straight, Bi and gay. all colors, shapes and sizes.

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  • Houston 420 formerly Talk of the Town Richmond

    1201 Richmond Ave, Houston

    his is the oldest, continuously operated gay adult bookstore/video/arcade in Houston (first visited it in 1975, although was in a different building; had 8mm movies in the booths then). No s, but no p ...

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  • All-Star Video on I-10 formerly 24 Hour Video

    10863 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77079, Houston

    pdate 12/17/2008: every single had been covered up.

    Most of the booths either did not work or just showed strait or gay

    It was in the afternoon and I thought I would catch the lunch c ...

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  • Bizarre Times Richmond Ave Dunvale St

    8261 Richmond Ave., Suite N, Houston

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