Montgomery Gay Cruising Areas

  • Eastdale Mall Sears

    Eastdale Mall, Montgomery

    ice and clean and fairly quiet. Stainless steel stalls prevent the option of a . Security people tend to respond to traffic. Lots of people comeing in will get more patrols, but they tend to be lookin ...

    rating of Eastdale Mall Sears

    1970 Votes

  • Oak Park

    , Montgomery

    Look at the occupants of the cars parked near the restrooms
    Crowd: married men, all colors and sizes, some young guys too.

    rating of Oak Park

    1457 Votes

  • Union 76 Truck Plaza

    , Montgomery

    It's a truck stop and there are truckers. Need I say more?
    Crowd: Mixed group

    rating of Union 76 Truck Plaza

    2321 Votes

  • Eastdale Mall Food Court

    Atlanta Highway, Montgomery

    Cruisy toilet near food court. Best times: around lunch and between 6-8 pm.

    Update: The restrooms near the Food
    Court are closed for renovation!
    Crowd: 18 to ?

    rating of Eastdale Mall Food Court

    1580 Votes

  • Shell Truck Spot

    , Montgomery

    Cruisy toilet. �Recently remodelled and camera placed on door entrance.�
    Crowd: Truck drivers among others.

    rating of Shell Truck Spot

    1448 Votes

  • Lagoon Park

    , Montgomery

    Cruisy park.
    Crowd: All ages

    rating of Lagoon Park

    1356 Votes

  • Woodmere Park

    , Montgomery

    ark toilet is cruisy from luchtime until late afternoon. walls go right to
    the floor for good privacy. Best weekdays, as families use park weekends. After dark,
    guys cruise around the pond be ...

    rating of Woodmere Park

    1512 Votes

  • Downtown Post Office

    , Montgomery

    Crowd: everyone, mostly black guys willing to pitch or catch

    rating of Downtown Post Office

    1118 Votes

  • Hardees

    , Montgomery

    go here a lot for lunch and was very suprised to meet up with a lot of hot guys here. Have had great times in the Restroom and the Parking Lot.
    Crowd: Contractors, Truckers, Construction workers, ...

    rating of Hardee's

    1388 Votes

  • Downtown Montgomery Public Library

    245 High St, corner of McDonough & High, Montgomery

    pdate 4/18/2008: Exterior pics of the Downtown library. The AC is broken and its nasty hot in the building. Huge fans don't do much to reduce the heat, but man are they noisy. I'll try to up load some ...

    rating of Downtown Montgomery Public Library

    1388 Votes

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