San Diego Gay Bookstores Sex Shops Theatres

  • Romantix formerly Midnight Adult Bookstore ampVideo Center

    3606 Midway Drive , San Diego

    There is one and one peep hole.
    Crowd: All kinds of guys -- old, young, sailors, marines, tourists.

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  • F Street Adult Video Gifts North Park

    2004 University Ave , San Diego

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  • F Street Adult Video Gifts

    751 4th Ave San Diego , San Diego

    Crowd: Sleazeballs, Hispanics, blue collars and occasional serviceman.

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  • Barnett Avenue Adult Superstore

    3610 Barnett Ave. (in Loma Portal) , San Diego

    Update 9/16/2008: The new lay out is two rooms each with two large screens one room playing straight (some ts movies) and one playing one straight and one gay .

    The 'straight' room has four ro ...

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  • Romantix formerly Midnight Adult Books

    4792 El Cajon Blvd , San Diego

    update 9/29/2008: As of Sept., 2008 the arcade has 4 open s!
    Crowd: mixed

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  • Crypt Adult Books

    4094 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104 , San Diego

    Update 6/2/2008: The video arcade part is actually run by midnite adult bookstore. So they only come in and clean up once in the morning. If it gets too bad staff will tidy up a bit. Staff is cool as ...

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  • Adult Depot Kurtz St

    3489 Kurtz St. , San Diego

    Fun theater in the back...the adult store was closed, but now it's open and even better.
    Crowd: Clean guys, some m/f couples.

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  • Gemini Adult Books

    5265 University Avenue , San Diego

    Movies are fair, mostly straight.
    Filled with straight (?) guys looking
    for a bj or hot jo. There's also an
    outside patio area where it gets
    Crowd: All types

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  • F Street Bookstore Balboa Ave

    7865 Balboa Ave , San Diego

    Well kept, clean store, booths are mopped often, some clientele are Asian.
    Crowd: Straights and gays

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  • Ever So Naughty Adult Video

    1651 Palm ave , San Diego

    Movies hot enough to make straight men change their tune,shown on an elevated big screen tv. Standing/ bending over/ kneeling(carefull) room in back row. Just slide up close to someone, if they weren' ...

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