Sydney Gay Toilelts, Washrooms

  • ING building Level 3 toilet

    347 Kent Street , Sydney

    Crowd: Twinks have been hanging around the toilets and the park area.

    rating of ING building Level 3 (toilet)
  • Beare Park Toilets

    Esplanade, Elizabeth Bay , Sydney

    Red brick toilet block at east end of Beare Park.
    Crowd: All sorts.

    rating of Beare Park Toilets
  • Padstow washrooms-public toilets

    Padstow Pde , Sydney

    It's kind of an old toilet complex. You know, cracked tiles, cobwebs, cigarette butts everywhere, but it is very private and if anyone is coming you can hear them and you get a good reflection as to w ...

    rating of Padstow  washrooms-public toilets
  • Glasshouse Ground floor and 5th floor toilets

    Market St and Pitt St , Sydney

    and two toilets.
    Crowd: Twinks, corporate boys and older tradies.

    rating of Glasshouse, Ground floor and 5th floor toilets
  • Chifley Tower Food Court Toilets

    Chifley Tower, Chifley Plaza , Sydney

    There are two doors to get into gents - the first main door and then the second leading into the toilet so you get plenty of warning.
    Crowd: Suits, some tradies.

    rating of Chifley Tower Food Court Toilets
  • Tantallon Oval toilets

    Epping Road , Sydney

    Crowd: Weekends after cricket or footy games guys hang around after it gets dark. Neighbourhood guys (mostly young)

    rating of Tantallon Oval toilets
  • World Square Toilets

    George St , Sydney

    Crowd: All sorts, especially suites & students.

    rating of World Square Toilets
  • Marrickville Metro Toilets

    Victoria Avenue , Sydney

    Great place for quick . I had many a good time there.
    Crowd: Mixed bag, but most that use the loos are in for a good time. Lot of wog guys.

    rating of Marrickville Metro Toilets
  • Rodd Park Toilets

    Rodd Pt on Henley Marine Drive , Sydney

    Brick Toilets on the north side of the park, right in front of the water.
    Crowd: Popular for runners and cyclists along Iron Cove.

    rating of Rodd Park Toilets
  • Public Toilets near Coles

    Thompsons Corner , Sydney

    One of the best (if not THE best) spot I know. If I go there 5 days in a week I'll get action at least 3 days after waiting maybe 20 minutes. I've , been and been lots of times.
    Crowd: A mixed bu ...

    rating of Public Toilets near Coles