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  • Home Depot

    Toilelts, Washrooms

    There is a peephole in the last stall. Guys come here to jerk off around noon to 2pm. Seems to heat up a lot around 1 - 1:30. Probably guys jerking of

  • YouFit Hillsborough Drew Park


    Small and affordable gym catering to the local young Cuban population in Tampa, alway some cute young Cuban guys will skimpy shorts and workout bootie

  • Lowry Park


    This is the park located on the east side of N. Blvd across from the zoo. Some walking paths but not a lot of secluded areas. The rest rooms are great

  • TA Travel Centers of America

    Cruising Areas

    Truck stop in Seffner, very cruisy area, very safe, lots of room to play.