Tampa Gay Gyms

  • YouFit Hillsborough Drew Park

    Horizon Park Shopping Center, 3916 W Hillsborough Ave , Tampa

    Small and affordable gym catering to the local young Cuban population in Tampa, alway some cute young Cuban guys will skimpy shorts and workout bootie sweating trying to pretend to be str8. Cute staff ...

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  • USF Gym Rec Center Locker Room

    4202 Fowler Ave E , Tampa

    The men's locker room and showers at the USF Rec. Center work well for cruising. There are three long rows of lockers and benches in the locker room. These rows are visually cut off from the entry and ...

    rating of USF Gym (Rec. Center) Locker Room
  • Caltas Fitness Club

    14968 N Florida Ave , Tampa

    This is a 24/7 Gym and very reasonable to join... less than $10 a month and it is very nice. If you are not a member, look in the windows, adjust your crotch and someone will probably let you in. Afte ...

    rating of Calta's Fitness Club
  • Total Fitness Tampa

    W. 5915 Memorial Hwy Town 'n' Country 33615 , Tampa

    Pretty hot gym. Good mixed gay/straight crowd.
    Facilities: Nice Gym with lots of equipment

    rating of Total Fitness, Tampa
  • YMCA New Tampa

    16221 Compton Drive , Tampa

    Crowd: mixed group

    rating of YMCA, New Tampa
  • McNiff Fitness Center - Showers

    University of Tampa , Tampa

    One has a handicapped bench that one person can sit on and give head to the guy standing up.
    Crowd: College Students, Faculty/Staff from the University - Guys who work out, Men from the ages of 18 ...

    rating of McNiff Fitness Center - Showers
  • YMCA Tampa

    104 S Franklin , Tampa

    I'd say you will get off 90% of the time if you play the game right.
    Crowd: Straight, Bi, Gay and especially the ones that I love the married men who need good head the kind they wish they could ge ...

    rating of YMCA, Tampa
  • Xtreme Total HealthampFitness

    936 South Howard , Tampa

    Active showers, active steam room, lots of fun.
    Crowd: Lots of nice guys.
    Facilities: Steam room, sauna, work out room, showers.

    rating of Xtreme Total Health&Fitness
  • Bally Total Fitness Tampa W Hillsborough Ave

    4340 W Hillsborough Ave , Tampa

    Active steam room and showers, especially the side where the steam room door is located, but all shower stalls are cruisy, along with steam room itself. Just be carefull you're not cruising a straight ...

    rating of Bally Total Fitness, Tampa,  W Hillsborough Ave