Tampa Gay Bookstores Sex Shops Theatres

  • Hott Flixx

    1715 N. 50th St., Tampa , Tampa

    Strip-mall storefront that has put its emphasis on retail sales but keeps booths open for those who need some immediate release. This used to be a thriving cruise spot, but new ownership has designs o ...

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  • Adult Book Store II

    4805 S. 50th St., Tampa , Tampa

    This is a small bookstore -- only a few token movies and toys upfront. I'm almost certain it makes its money entirely on the theaters.
    Crowd: Couples make an appearance from time to time, but you c ...

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  • Todd Adult Video

    13417 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa , Tampa

    Although this store used to have booths and a theater, it decided to focus on retail about six or seven years ago and closed them. Even so, this is still a very cruisy ABS. Couples feel very comfortab ...

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  • Adult Book Store I

    4202 50th St. S. , Tampa

    Adult bookstore with four "theaters" -- actually, two big rooms with plush couches and two big-screen TVs in each room. Three theaters show straight movies; one (Theater 3) shows gay movies.
    Crowd: ...

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  • Planet X

    9921 Adamo Dr , Tampa

    Adult superstore with video booths, toys, mags and videos,lingerie and fetish items.
    Crowd: All types.

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  • Adult Cinema Video

    5006 North Grady Avenue , Tampa

    Fairly large theatre with comfortable seating (high-back theatre seats up front, first 4 or 5 rows), rear has 2 rows of leather couches. Has 15' HDTV screen with good sound. Also has adjustable lighti ...

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  • Pink Pony

    Between Louis and Dale Mabry on MLK , Tampa

    This is a brand new place (so I'm told). *Memebrs only* Get membership at clerk, couples $2 for key and free otherwise.
    Excellent theater. Both theatres and arcade are behind KEY CARD ACCESS door v ...

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  • Pleasure Video

    5402 N 56th St , Tampa

    Adult video store with arcade.
    Crowd: Straight & gay men.

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  • Buddys Adult Video

    4322 W Crest Ave Tampa, FL 33614 , Tampa

    Gay Bookstore with Buddie booths (booths with a glass partition that can be operated by button control) and a theater

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  • Fantasyland

    4715 N. Lois Avenue , Tampa

    Full service adult book store. Large arcade that can be accessed through store or directly from parking lot via side door. A few gloryholes but most booths do not have holes. Three theaters. One large ...

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