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  • Tres Equis Video behind Gold Club

    6222 E. Adamo Drive (Hwy 60), Tampa

    pdate 6/3/2008: The building used to be purple, it was recently repainted a gold color (sprucing up for the Super Bowl). There are four sets of s, and smoking is not permitted on the premises anymore ...

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    24145 Votes

  • TNT Adult Video

    1212 E. Meridian, Tampa

    ad a blast! Went there on a weekday and ended up spending all day there sucking after . Got by 2-3 big-dicked dudes. Had several loads blown all over my face. Was glad to see lots of blue collar typ ...

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    4016 Votes

  • X-Treme Video

    1212 Fowler Ave, Tampa

    ice booths, some larger ones for group action, just go in booth and leave door open and show your goodies. Lots of good meat when I was there and some big ebony meat that watered my mouth, took a load ...

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    5864 Votes

  • 4 Play Video formerly Tampa After Dark

    3630 S 50th St, Tampa

    Crowd: Anyone looking for a good time.Facilities: Theater or private booths

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    3961 Votes

  • Playhouse Theater

    4421 North Hubert Avenue (updated), Tampa

    ruiser Update 11/21/2008: playhouse is still open for business i called them to make sure

    Very dark, hot movies, couches and lots of action in both theaters. Now costs 15 dollars for for both t ...

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    19840 Votes

  • Hubert Theater

    Hubert Street, Tampa

    wo theaters. One all gay films. The other straight films. $12 lets you in and out of each one. $7 just gets you your choice of one. There is also a video arcade that you can cruise if you're tired of ...

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  • Thee Love Shack formerly Hotflixx

    3910 West Osborne Avenue, Tampa

    ad some nice there. 1/02/05 A cruiser reports:There are open s between booths #4 and #5, #9 and #10, #21 and #22 and #18 and #19. I have not been to the "Theater" part yet but lots of hotties went up ...

    rating of Thee Love Shack (formerly Hotflixx)

    10919 Votes

  • Adult World

    5225 N. Lois Avenue, Tampa

    ruiser update 7/7/08: This place is $10 to get into the private booths now and $15 for both the booths and the theater. lots of s.

    The freebie arcade takes dollar bills and the paid side has al ...

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  • XTC Lois

    4829 North Lois Av, Tampa

    Very clean place, I have never been bothered by management, but then I alway keep the coins going. .
    Crowd: Various types.

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    6418 Votes

  • XTC Fowler

    330 E. Fowler Ave, Tampa

    Crowd: Older buisness men, reguler working type and constructin types

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    6118 Votes

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