Tampa Gay Cruising Areas

  • TA Travel Centers of America

    11706 Tampa Gateway Boulevard , Tampa

    Truck stop in Seffner, very cruisy area, very safe, lots of room to play.

    rating of TA Travel Centers of America
  • Intercontinental Hotel and Resorts

    4860 West Kennedy Boulevard , Tampa

    Good hotel with nice rooms and many guys up for it. Quite a few flight attendants have a lay over there, always good for a fuck. Near many gay bars, too.

    rating of Intercontinental Hotel and Resorts
  • University of South Florida Library

    4200 Fowler Ave. , Tampa

    Small bathroom. Good place for looks and meet ups. Nice big mirror so you can see the urinals from the stalls.
    Crowd: Young college guys. A few older guys also.

    rating of University of South Florida Library
  • Lettuce Park

    6920 E Fletcher Ave , Tampa

    Cruisy park, lots of trails/

    rating of Lettuce Park
  • USF Marshall Center Parking Garage

    In between Fletcher/Fowler , Tampa

    a 6 story parking garage, at night the top level is practically completely clear. During the weekends or evenings the 3rd or 4th floors are usually empty but it might look obvious. Very relaxing to si ...

    rating of USF Marshall Center Parking Garage
  • Big Lots

    7565 Hillsborough Avenue , Tampa

    between the 2 stalls. Toilet paper dispenser swings to fully reveal the hole. I have gotten some incredible head there and seen some huge and balls. SPREAD THE WORD, GUYS!!
    Crowd: All types

    rating of Big Lots
  • Westshore Plaza Sears 2nd floor bathroom

    , Tampa

    Very cruisy but a bit slow. Great and you can hear someone coming.
    Crowd: Mostly suits on lunch break.

    rating of Westshore Plaza Sears 2nd floor bathroom
  • Al Lopez Park Tampa Hillsborough Himes

    4810 North Himes , Tampa

    Lots of nice . I have given head there and gotten head.
    Crowd: Al types

    rating of Al Lopez Park, Tampa, Hillsborough & Himes
  • University of Tampa-Plant Hall

    401 W Kennedy Blvd , Tampa

    1st floor men's bathroom. Has alot of and is very large. Also you have to walk downstairs to get in so you can hear footsteps long in advance. Great spot for fun. Very easy to get to and is often sec ...

    rating of University of Tampa-Plant Hall
  • University Mall Sears

    University Mall , Tampa

    Had plenty of there
    Crowd: All kinds of hot men

    rating of University Mall Sears