Houston Gay Cruising Areas

  • TC Jester Park

    , Houston

    Crowd: Jocks, joggers ect.

    rating of TC Jester Park
  • Sharpstown Mall Food Court

    59 South & Bellaire , Houston

    Urinals are in front of the stalls. I have seen lots of action here.
    Crowd: All types

    rating of Sharpstown Mall Food Court
  • Rice University Fondren Library

    6100 Main , Houston

    Crowd: College Students

    rating of Rice University Fondren Library
  • High Island Nude Beach

    Bolivar Peninsula , Houston

    cruiser picture update 6/3/2009: The cross (undoubtedly to honor the losses of Hurricane Ike) and the barricades can be found on the entry way from Hwy 87. The "Nude" sign on the old box is just an in ...

    rating of High Island Nude Beach
  • Loves Truck Stop

    3940 North McCarty St, Houston TX 77013 , Houston

    Crowd: Truckers, etc.

    rating of Love's Truck Stop
  • Home Depot Cypresswood

    18355 Tomball Parkway Houston, TX 77070 , Houston

    GO to the bathroom on the back of the store the 2nd, and 3rd, have a great gloryhole, went there today because was in a hurry and well well look what i found a great glorywhole, I got a great BJ!!!

    rating of Home Depot Cypresswood
  • Northwest Mall Food Court

    9600 Hempstead Rd , Houston

    Mens washroom all the way down the hallway. has three urinals, one and then the handicap .lots of sinks with mirrors.
    Crowd: Blow-jobs, watching guys , what ever else you want to do.

    rating of Northwest Mall Food Court
  • Galleria Mall Expansion

    5075 Westheimer Rd. , Houston

    Weekdays bring lots of professional guys on lunchbreaks and weekends lots of hot guys either shopping or getting off while their wives spend money.
    Crowd: Houston Yuppies. Hot professionals. Trolls ...

    rating of Galleria Mall Expansion
  • Fiesta Mart Grocery Store

    2300 N. Sheppard , Houston

    Two s-one handicap. netx toi small . Good sized and numerous peep holes. Good if you get into watching guys and play with themselves. Holes to the other . No yet-the last one was covered up. Under ...

    rating of Fiesta Mart Grocery Store
  • Bear Creek Park

    , Houston

    Wooded areas.
    Crowd: Bi Men.

    rating of Bear Creek Park