Houston Gay Cruising Areas

  • Wooded Field on Hwy 6

    Hwy 6 and West Road , Houston

    Outdoor action.
    Crowd: Young types and guys.

    rating of Wooded Field on Hwy 6
  • Baylor College of Medicine Alkek Building

    1 Baylor Plaza , Houston

    Its a place for construction workers, students, and staff to meet and .
    Crowd: Hot construction workers, students, and staff.

    rating of Baylor College of Medicine Alkek Building
  • Kleb Wood Nature Preserve

    , Houston

    Heavily wooded 'nature preserve' type park with hiking trails, campground, picnic tables and pavilion. Not heavily used, so privacy is often easy to find, given a bit of common sense.
    Crowd: Mostly ...

    rating of Kleb Wood Nature Preserve
  • North Harris Community College

    2700 W.W. Thorne Blvd , Houston

    Great action and walkways to restrooms give plenty of time to 'adjust'.
    Crowd: Young college guys and some middle-aged men.

    rating of North Harris Community College
  • University of Houston MD Anderson Library

    4800 Calhoun Rd. #114 , Houston

    No but lots of / action. Just go into the restroom and wait! Weekends are kind of slow but a hot college guy will eventually show.
    Crowd: Young college types, if older you might get funny looks!

    rating of University of Houston M.D. Anderson Library