Windsor Gay Cruising Areas

  • Erie Hall at Univ of Windsor

    University of Windsor , Windsor

    When you walk in the washroom there are double doors, so you'll have good warning. Make a right when entering the washroom. There are 2 cubicles next to each other and a third one by itself, facing th ...

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  • Memorial Park- Optimist Park

    , Windsor

    There are many dirt paths but there are some lights on them, so you have to go into the great expanse of bushes. It's cool.
    Crowd: Variety

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  • Gallery Walkies

    , Windsor

    Gravel parking lot overlooking Detroit. There is a large historic windmill to look at when there is no one to cruise. Go into the bushes for some walkies or maybe suckies or fuckies.
    Crowd: Closet ...

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  • Alexander Park

    , Windsor

    Some bushy areas for action but the car is really the best. That early in the morning its usually very dark do there is privacy. It's located off Riverside drive and Strabane Ave.
    Crowd: Guys all a ...

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  • Leddy Library

    University of Windsor Campus, West Building , Windsor

    It is a secluded and private bathroom in the archives area of the library and is seldomly used. Good for doing stuff or just meeting. Better in the summer, though.
    Crowd: Student, jocks, some guys ...

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  • Memorial Hall

    University of Windsor, Main Campus , Windsor

    There is a between the second and third stalls. They are not that private but in the summer not many people use that washroom.
    Crowd: Mainly students, jocks, some older guys.

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  • Ojibway Park

    , Windsor

    Ojibway is a public nature reserve about 10 minutes from downtown Windsor. Entrances are off Matchette Rd just north of the Raceway.
    Crowd: Gays of all ages -- and 'straights' looking for adventure ...

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  • Jackson Park

    , Windsor

    Large city park a couple of km south of downtown. Popular with locals and tourists during daylight hours.
    Crowd: Local gays -- many on foot or bikes.

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  • Centennial Park

    , Windsor

    Centennial is a stretch of the Riverwalk parks which runs for miles across the city. It's an easy walk from downtown -- just follow the paths towards the Ambassador Bridge 'til you reach the columnar ...

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