Windsor Gay Cruising Areas

  • Dillon Hall

    401 Sunset Ave , Windsor

    When you first walk in you will see three stalls and the urinals are behind them, hidden from view. This makes for great hidden blow jobs. When the door is opened, you can easily here it and have time ...

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  • Ford Test Track

    , Windsor

    It's a big track, with a big field in the middle.
    Crowd: Hot younger guys looking to shoot a quick load, and in the mornings, older men looking to do the same.

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  • Devonshire Mall

    3100 Howard Ave, Windsor, Ontario , Windsor

    Crowd: Middle aged men, young guys

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  • University of Windsor - CAW Student Centre

    401 Sunset Avenue , Windsor

    The washroom is located in the basement of the CAW, past the photo copying store, convenience store and Travel Cuts. You'll see the signs.
    Crowd: Students, professors and city men looking to get of ...

    rating of University of Windsor - CAW Student Centre
  • Hickory Park

    , Windsor

    Its small park next to the railway.
    Crowd: Bi, gay, tops...all kinds.

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  • Mill Street Park

    Mill Street , Windsor

    Crowd: U of W students, Str8 guys , gay men, etc.

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  • East End Park

    , Windsor

    Crowd: Older guys usually, but often there are really hot beach guys looking to blow a load.

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  • Adstall Arena

    Corner of Somme and Pillette. , Windsor

    Behind big skating arena.
    Crowd: Men.

    rating of Adstall Arena.
  • The mini Park

    , Windsor

    Very small park with a bench, a sidewalk. Behind a parking lot of an appartment building (the first brown one after lauzon).
    Crowd: All types of men looking for quick fix. Mostly family guys. It's ...

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  • The School

    Corner of Joinville and Bernard , Windsor

    Best to go at night in order to avoid families. Use discretion and clean up after yourself.
    Its a big bage building. The only building beside houses. Very easy to pick out.
    Crowd: All types of g ...

    rating of The School