Chicago Gay Cruising Areas

  • West DuPage Forest Preserves

    , Chicago

    Crowd: Truckers, delivery men, blue collar guys on their lunch break.

    rating of West DuPage Forest Preserves
  • Jackson Park

    6300 S. Hayes Dr. , Chicago

    It's much better in the spring and summer, although you can find some action during the winter. The front lot on 63rd right off Cornell is mainly used by young gay guys who just want to hang out. If y ...

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  • Peterson Park

    , Chicago

    Sit by the tennis courts and follow guy into the bushes for action.
    Crowd: Jocks, regular guys running, lots of uncut meat.

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  • University of Illinois at Chicago Stevenson Hall

    Centre of East campus north of Library , Chicago

    cruiser Adds 3/13/2009: There is a camera outside the restroom in the hallway now. If you are not a student or don't look like a student the UIC Police will arrest you on the spot no questions asked. ...

    rating of University of Illinois at Chicago Stevenson Hall
  • University of Illinois at Chicago Lincoln Hall

    east side of campus (north end of library) , Chicago

    Crowd: Mostly college guys, but all types of guys.

    rating of University of Illinois at Chicago Lincoln Hall
  • Thompson Center

    100 W. Randolph Street , Chicago

    update 1/23/2009: The restroom in the Food Court is closed. However the other one near the PO Boxes is still open near the Food Court is still open!!

    Fun at the urinals, usually move to stalls. ...

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  • California Park

    , Chicago

    Young tennis players hit against backboard alone and non-tennis players sit alone on the bench on the other side of the fence nearest the river (very close to the court). If two tennis players are the ...

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  • Waveland Clock Tower

    3601 N. Recreation Drive , Chicago

    Some golfers coming in on occasion. There is a crack at the doorway to see if others are coming into the restroom.
    Crowd: Young, old, all kinds.

    rating of Waveland Clock Tower
  • Shabonna Park Pool

    , Chicago

    Guys make eye contact in the showers and move off into the stalls for action. Lots of great-looking Polish men. No one seems
    to patrol the facilities, so action not likely to be interrupted. Part C ...

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  • Metcalfe Federal Building

    77 West Jackson Blvd. , Chicago

    Guys will usually connect at the urinals.If it is really quiet, action will occur right there, if not, many take it up one
    floor to the restroom next to the social security office.
    Crowd: Deliv ...

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