Chicago Gay Cruising Areas

  • Loyola University Lewis Towers 4th Floor

    820 N Michigan Ave , Chicago

    cruiser update 3/13/2009: You now have to be a Loyola Student to get it your Id acts as a key card to open the gates. There is no way around that and no other way to get into the building now.


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  • Lincoln Village Borders Bookstore

    6103 N. Lincoln Avenue , Chicago

    Excellent bathroom on the second floor to hook up in. It's a brand new Borders with a brand new bathroom that is kept pretty clean. There is little traffic into the bathroom so it is very private. The ...

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  • North Park University Brandel Library

    5114 N Christiana Ave , Chicago

    If you're college-aged its a great spot. Lots of to be had. If you're not, you're wasting your time.
    Crowd: College Students Looking For A Quickie.

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  • Bemis Forest Preserve

    , Chicago

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  • Montrose Harbor Magic Hedge

    , Chicago

    Bird sanctuary with lots of thick bushes and tree stands out on Montrose Point, across road from Montrose Harbor. Handy dead-end trails into bushes on left side, closer to road, even more trails on th ...

    rating of Montrose Harbor Magic Hedge
  • Nordstroms

    55 E. Grand Ave , Chicago

    Second floor washroom is almost always active... I've gotten b/j from an older professional type who me dry in front of the urinals. I've also off the cutest little marine boy in uniform who cruised ...

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  • OHare Airport

    Terminal 2 & 3 , Chicago

    Always the first stalls.
    Crowd: All types

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  • Gompers Park

    4222 W. Foster Ave. (5200 N) , Chicago

    Crowd: Straights, twinks, bi and the curious.

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  • Horner Park

    2741 W. Montrose Ave. (4400 N) , Chicago

    I've been to this place several times. Hot BJ action mostly. Eager on both sides. Not really as hopping as other parks but should be, given the guys in the neighborhood. It's a gem waiting to explode. ...

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  • Equitable Building

    401 N Michigan , Chicago

    Cruise the bathrooms in the basement. There are 3 s and 3 urinals, very private bathroom. I have been under the and off at the urinals. You can hear people approaching and the door squeaks so you c ...

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