New York Gay Cruising Areas

  • Beekman Place River

    East 51st Street , New York

    Weekends are best, or late after noons week days, 2pm -4pm.

    rating of Beekman Place River
  • Pier 17 Mall Washrooms

    Fulton & South Streets, Pier 17 , New York

    Large washrooms with lots of s. Very easy to enjoy under-the- fun without being seen by passer-bys.

    rating of Pier 17 Mall Washrooms
  • Barnes Nobles Bookstore W 66th

    W.66 and Broadway , New York

    Go to the 3rd floor bathroom. There is one and 2 stalls. One regular and one handicapped. I usually stay in the non-handicapped one so people going in the handicapped one could peek in. Also, there's ...

    rating of Barnes & Nobles Bookstore, W 66th
  • Macys 34th st

    Seventh Avenue & West 34th Street , New York

    There are two washrooms, both very cruisy all day long, everyday, from open till close. One washroom is in the cellar of the store. The second washroom is on the 7th floor right in front of you as you ...

    rating of Macy's, 34th st
  • Fordham Lincoln Center Lowenstein 3rd-5th Floor Restroom

    113 W. 60th Street , New York

    I've been off under the on the 3rd floor restroom more than once.
    I have also seen a man in ROTC uniform in the 5th floor restroom, where he allowed me to join him and lend a hand.

    Later ...

    rating of Fordham Lincoln Center: Lowenstein 3rd-5th Floor Restroom
  • Isham Park

    212th St. and Broadway , New York

    Lots of areas to around. Just wait around for a while and someone will come around looking.

    rating of Isham Park
  • City College of New York Wingate Hall

    140th and Convent Ave , New York

    Building open to anyone with a college ID.

    rating of City College of New York Wingate Hall
  • Columbia University - Pupin Hall

    538 W 120 St , New York

    7th floor restroom, located directly across from the elevators. Within the restroom, there is another door to a private washroom that was converted from a janitor's closet. This washroom has a lock.

    rating of Columbia University - Pupin Hall
  • Rockefeller Center Underground Concourse

    30 Rockefeller Plaza , New York

    Public restroom with nearly 20 urinals and 10 stalls. It's horseshoe shaped, giving you more privacy.

    rating of Rockefeller Center Underground Concourse
  • Tompkins Sq North Side along E 10th St

    , New York

    This place is best on Thurs. through Saturday nights as guys from neighborhood bars check out the sidewalk action. It is also just down 10th St. from the very popular 10th St. Turkish Baths. More acti ...

    rating of Tompkins Sq.  North Side & along E. 10th St.