Chicago Gay Cruising Areas

  • Fisk Hall Basement Bathroom Nortwestern University

    1845 Sheridan Rd , Chicago

    Fisk gets all ages from students to faculty and staff to local area residents. This place has been a campus hotspot for years as evidenced by the stains on the walls.

    Enter the building and ...

    rating of Fisk Hall Basement Bathroom Nortwestern University
  • Chase Building Lower Level

    Dearborn and Madison , Chicago

    The lower level bathrooms are great for under action. The door squeaks and is around a long corner, so there is plenty of time if someone comes in. There's about 5 s and urinals that are sectioned of ...

    rating of Chase Building Lower Level
  • Presidential Towers

    Clinton and Monroe , Chicago

    1st floor restrooms have been really cruisy lately. It's easy to check out guys at the urinals because there are no dividers.

    rating of Presidential Towers
  • DPC Concourse Restroom

    333 S State , Chicago

    This is a hot, fairly new place to get . It's soley for students and staff as it requires swipe access. At least 6 stalls, so everyone could have some fun. I'll upload pictures soon.

    rating of DPC Concourse Restroom
  • Montrose on the Lakefront

    Montrose Ave. east of Lake Shore Drive. , Chicago

    Has a peephole gloryhole facing the . Quiet restroom located just north of Montrose Harbor.

    rating of Montrose on the Lakefront
  • Bloomingdales Home Store

    600 N. Wabash , Chicago

    This place is very cruisy, just go into the washrooms and there is usually someone in there looking to and or get ed. You should go into the customer bathrooms. This place is also great if you meet s ...

    rating of Bloomingdale's Home Store
  • Pratt Beach Park

    1050 W. Pratt Blvd , Chicago

    It's located on the beach with parking lot w/ meter parking. Guys hang out outside, on the beach or in cars.

    rating of Pratt Beach Park
  • TJ Maxx

    2840 N. Broadway , Chicago

    This store can be very busy with people cruising.

    rating of TJ Maxx
  • Ford City Mall

    7601 South Cicero Ave , Chicago

    It is in the restroom in the Connection. Which is the lower level of the mall that is underground that connects the Sears strip mall to the main mall.

    rating of Ford City Mall
  • Target - South Loop

    Clark St and Roosevelt Rd , Chicago

    Go to the second floor restroom. In front of the urinals!!!

    rating of Target  - South Loop